Thursday, 8 May 2008


I forgot my insulin today, so i can't really eat anything of substance. this may be why my thoughts have been erring towards food and lunches.

interesting question: how come lunchboxes are tres uncool, but bento is about as hip as a lunch could be? it's japanese for lunchbox....? thats not to say i'm not falling for the idea of lots of little sections and eating noodles and salad instead of another sandwich...

however there will always be sandwiches, but i hate having to use sandwich bags all the while. i bought some that are sturdy enough to be reusable, but thats nothing compared to the coolness of this idea:

totally reusable and cute sandwich wrap! i *must* make one - its brilliant!

i think with this, the sandwich could be cool once again!

*gasp* i just rembered some cute fabric with cupcakes on it that languishes in my cupboard... this could be just the project for it!

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Nerd Bunny said...

This is great! Eating sandwiches need never be boring again! :)