Saturday, 3 May 2008

finally! some actual creativity!

have been so caught up the last few weeks i've done very little on the creative front. and i really missed it. finally last night and today i had some time to myself and had alot of fun making and doing.

first was my take on the little octopus as inspired by Mizu*
i am not good with patterns, i tend to just wing it, so mine is smaller and different, but i'm very pleased with him - and i'm loving his button hat - i named him olivier.

this morning to my joy the sun was warm, so i took my cake (let over from the 'witches of southwick' beltane tea party) and coffee and headed outdoors to do some fun line art doodles.
(jumping on the whole tea and cake photo bandwagon here:)

another thing i mentioned in my last blog were the great toadstools from LucyKate
i decided to make some of these as they are so cute and a great way of using some scraps of fabric that have been laying around. i love these so much i may end up making a whole fairy circle!

so all in all i'm feeling much happier having had a bit of an outlet (and output!) . now i just need to get the glue out for a messy collage session and i'll be a very happy girl indeed.

first though, i better do the laundry...

happy may everyone!

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