Tuesday, 8 July 2008

bad girls don't keep journals because they're too busy having fun

blimey it's been ages... because i have been so busy doing fun things, which is nice to say, as usually i'm too busy because of work! :)

i got the gorgeous Griffin and Sabine trilogy of books for my birthday, and these heavily inspired my to start making all sorts of lovely postcards, the photos of which are on my camera, but not yet on the computer so i will share them later.

i have also been Wrecking a Journal, which has proved to me the destruction can indeed be creative, and reading Radical Simplicity, in which Dan Price tells about living in tipi's and variou underground and self built structures. Very inspiring especially when combined with a couple of excellent recent camping trips. oh the outdoors calls me so :)

i have more photos to add soon, but in the meantime , here are a couple i meant to post aaages ago.

the heart phone cover was the first i made, and i kept
it for myself. the camo print one was a mission and i was
pleased with the result! it was for a friend's birthday.

another phone cover, made for a friends birthday

i had these gorgeous fabrics which i finally put to good use on a little
zip up pouch and passport cover - aren't they cute?!

that's all for now, more to come tho...