Wednesday, 28 May 2008

where are you from?

i just found this cool poem template:

via this lovely completed poem:

i am posting it now so i remember to do one for myself later, i will come back with the results soon!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Oh! the fine line between inspiration and pure jealousy.

these 'sneak peaks' at crafters beautiful homes are enough to have me crying into my coffee...

Monday, 26 May 2008

the photo blog - finally!

starting with the most recent thing, i made this little amigarumi cactus this morning as, like so many others, the weather has kept me indoors.

have been making lots of crochet flowers and making them into hair clips. i love wearing these they make any outfit feel more glamorous!

was going to post pics of all the phone covers i've been making, but now the photos seem to have gone missing! i will get another pic later on, but heres one of the ipod cover:
lots of crochet indeed, but i am also getting into a spot of applique after i bougt a cute vest from the charity shop, only to find it had a grease stain on it. noone will ever know ... and now i have a new way of updating my wardrobe in time for summer!

Friday, 23 May 2008

I am loving Brought my lunch photo group! more inspiration of the bento variety

decorate your office supplies!

this blog has so many gorgeous things it impossible to choose one thing to link to:

these kokeshi dolls are so cute!

i love this comic, she drew one page every hour for 24 hours.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Amy Butler is giving away patterns online for all sorts, including quilts, and a cute cat pillow. if only she was giving away all the gorgeous fabric too hehe.

here's a better way of keeping buttons together for brooches / pendants etc

there *will* be a proper photo blog by the end of the week, i have much to post.

Friday, 9 May 2008

indie moods

ooooh isn't it lovely? who doesn't need a mood board?! i love calling spring cleaning a 'rite of renewal' lol. it is beginning to become very apparent that i made all the interior decorating decisions for my flat during the winter months. i need some bright and sunny things to cheer it up!

Thursday, 8 May 2008


I forgot my insulin today, so i can't really eat anything of substance. this may be why my thoughts have been erring towards food and lunches.

interesting question: how come lunchboxes are tres uncool, but bento is about as hip as a lunch could be? it's japanese for lunchbox....? thats not to say i'm not falling for the idea of lots of little sections and eating noodles and salad instead of another sandwich...

however there will always be sandwiches, but i hate having to use sandwich bags all the while. i bought some that are sturdy enough to be reusable, but thats nothing compared to the coolness of this idea:

totally reusable and cute sandwich wrap! i *must* make one - its brilliant!

i think with this, the sandwich could be cool once again!

*gasp* i just rembered some cute fabric with cupcakes on it that languishes in my cupboard... this could be just the project for it!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

summer lovin'

i must make some of these pumpkins in time for halloween! they're *SO* cute. ok, halloween sounds a long time away , but time goes so quickly...

slightly more in season, i am considering attempting a bikini top. I am finding some lovely patterns, which typically i am rubbish at following patterns, i'll pretty much combine a couple of these to use as inspiration:

Inspirede by granny squares! very cool.

color changing wool and wide borders/straps. love this one.,2025,DIY_14142_5656039,00.html

I like the idea of incorporating some beading too, as i haven't done crochet with beading yet and this seems like the perfect time to start!

there are loads more bikini patterns here:

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

London in the Summer Time

ok not summer really, but its a Chilli's lyric and seemed appropriate.
funny how this year May 1st literally turned us over to the warm weather. today especially, travelling to work reminded me what a different place london is in the spring / early summer, when it's all lunchtimes sunbathing in the park and evenings drinking outdoors by the river, but before the dreadful heat when the buildings seem to sweat and you can't breathe anywhere. i love this time of year.

last night everyone in hove was barbequeing on the beach, i sat outside sewing for much of the day, apparently on friday we are playing football in the park at lunchtime (well, for my part - my position of choice is spectator - but it'll be fun all the same).

i have been thinking about a reusable alternative for when buying fruit and veg, but these guys seem to have done a good job already:


Many posts about Maker Faire from the weekend, here's Bitter Betty's fashion photo journalism, which is doing nothing to lessen my wish that i was there!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

finally! some actual creativity!

have been so caught up the last few weeks i've done very little on the creative front. and i really missed it. finally last night and today i had some time to myself and had alot of fun making and doing.

first was my take on the little octopus as inspired by Mizu*
i am not good with patterns, i tend to just wing it, so mine is smaller and different, but i'm very pleased with him - and i'm loving his button hat - i named him olivier.

this morning to my joy the sun was warm, so i took my cake (let over from the 'witches of southwick' beltane tea party) and coffee and headed outdoors to do some fun line art doodles.
(jumping on the whole tea and cake photo bandwagon here:)

another thing i mentioned in my last blog were the great toadstools from LucyKate
i decided to make some of these as they are so cute and a great way of using some scraps of fabric that have been laying around. i love these so much i may end up making a whole fairy circle!

so all in all i'm feeling much happier having had a bit of an outlet (and output!) . now i just need to get the glue out for a messy collage session and i'll be a very happy girl indeed.

first though, i better do the laundry...

happy may everyone!

Friday, 2 May 2008

where i wanna be...

ever go through those periods when life seems to keep reminding you of something over and over?
at the moment everywhere i turn is another comment / image / article pointing me to san francisco.

Dream hotel

Dream Craft Festival

Even the map on igoogle defaulted to San francisco yesterday, despite having set it default to london.

i *will* make that trip. one day.

i'm in dire need of a day to craft / draw / crochet. haven't crocheted a thing in ages, decided i need camera and ipod covers, & have another phone cover, and another ipod cover to make... plus, after having looked at some amigarumi lovliness today i am keen on trying my hand at making some lil animals, i especially like this octopus, and after seeing a plushie toadstool it made me think of crocheting one ....

octopus photo:
octopus pattern:

i also bought a lovely mini sketchbook for my bag (not moleskin but one of the cheap knock offs in that style) and am enjoying doing some line art doodles. i am dreaming of a day of glue and paper and mess too.... i have just heard i'm finishing up here next friday so perhaps a day or two to myself could be in order...

pauvre monsieur kitty

if you liked kitty wigs you'll *love* international cat hats, check out the ninja balaclava too.

y'know people used to respect cats till the internet came along, it's not really surprising they're so grumpy these days.