Friday, 2 May 2008

where i wanna be...

ever go through those periods when life seems to keep reminding you of something over and over?
at the moment everywhere i turn is another comment / image / article pointing me to san francisco.

Dream hotel

Dream Craft Festival

Even the map on igoogle defaulted to San francisco yesterday, despite having set it default to london.

i *will* make that trip. one day.

i'm in dire need of a day to craft / draw / crochet. haven't crocheted a thing in ages, decided i need camera and ipod covers, & have another phone cover, and another ipod cover to make... plus, after having looked at some amigarumi lovliness today i am keen on trying my hand at making some lil animals, i especially like this octopus, and after seeing a plushie toadstool it made me think of crocheting one ....

octopus photo:
octopus pattern:

i also bought a lovely mini sketchbook for my bag (not moleskin but one of the cheap knock offs in that style) and am enjoying doing some line art doodles. i am dreaming of a day of glue and paper and mess too.... i have just heard i'm finishing up here next friday so perhaps a day or two to myself could be in order...

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