Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Spring!

Well, being diabetic and non-christian, easter means little more to me than an excuse for a couple of extra days off work, and confirmation that it is nearly spring. It was also the vernal equinox this week- and with the shops full of bunnies and yellow gingham its hard not to feel spring-y, even when outside is sleet and hailstorms!

i am going to visit the family later today, and in the absence of easter eggs i decided at the last minute to make some easter egg shaped cookies! aren't they cute :D

i was going to decorate them with icing and sprinkles, but the spirals came out so well i decided no to.

aisde from that, work has been keeping me very busy recently, and i've been doing clothes alterations: good for me - not so fascinating for blogland.

i'm coming on nicely with the sampler blanket and have 11 or so large unique blocks, and have even taken to making up some patterns of my own which have come out pretty well. i'll have to blog these soon.

Happy Easter / Spring / Bank holiday weekend all!


Sunday, 9 March 2008

cakes, cards and buttons!

We had a wonderful birthday tea party last night for my bestest crochet buddy (with added wine and scrabble) and i finally got to put my cupcake obsession to good cause to make birthday cupcakes. Yum. :)

finally got to play with making button push pins today, which i'd been dying to try since reading this.
i think they came out great!

Also tonight spent some time making some pretty butterflies for birthday cards, and sewing a little rustic felt chick as i'm getting excited about the vernal equinox (not to mention two bank holidays!)

i have had so many cakes and cookies this weekend i feel like a kid after a birthday party (which i suppose i sort of am), hence not being asleep despite it approaching 1am. apparently we are due a big storm tonight, so i am hoping i don't wake up to find my basement flat flooding!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

so i've been feeling low again of late. mostly i think this is to do with being off st johns wort for a few days when i ran out, combined with the joys of PMT this week.

even if thats all it is, i still feel rubbish. i feel sad and angry, and philosophical in that irritating way depressed people have of knowing without a shadow of a doubt, that all human endeavour is ultimately pointless, and the only way to cope is to surrender and live like nothing matters. how depressing. lol. i am sure it will pass by next week.

when i feel down, one of the places i seek solace and little moments of light is in craft & stationery shops. sadly at the moment, these comfort zones keep letting me down! the other day, having stood waiting to pay for some buttons in a fabric shop for 10 minutes, the girl behind the counter - having already admitted she didn't know who was next - told me to go to the back of the queue that had formed behind me. naturally i walked out, leaving the one little bit of hapiness behind unpaid for. and today, i got two little things picked out in paperchase, when we were all herded out into the street on a fire alarm.

so shopping has let me down. its a sad state of affairs indeed.
  • i do have four panels for a new blanket tho.
  • and a great book which is keeping me absorbed on the train (my dirty little book of stolen time by liz jensen).
  • and carbs. someone bought Krispy Kreme donuts into the office today. good news indeed for a girl who forgot her breakfast.
  • i am taking monday and tuesday next week off. at least one of them i have
    to work from home, but at least it means no trains, and no london.
  • i have a massage booked for saturday afternoon. oh boy, do i owe myself that one.