Tuesday, 29 January 2008


i have finished the blanket!!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Timber on hove seafront

a couple of weeks ago a ship carrying timber sank off the coast of dorset. the timber was washed up on beaches along the south coast, including Hove, where i live. i went out yesterday and took some photos of people building ships, creating skateboard ramps, seesaws, walking planks, and generally making the most of it all. the photos are on my flickr account here:


Wednesday, 23 January 2008


my new camera arrived today!! 7.2 megapixels of shiny sony joy! and it is so simple to use i have it all worked out without picking up a manual! and i have transferred pics onto machine without installing software. thats my kind of tech!

which means i am able to bring you a pic of my blanket, the WIP that now - joy of joys - just needs four corner blocks and a border to be complete! so i can start a new one. lol.

i've also been getting engrossed in a marvellous book called making stuff which is really making me want to craft instead of work today! ah well i supposed the sooner i do the work, the sooner i can go craft!


Tuesday, 22 January 2008

little bits of happiness

  1. i managed to sleep better last night
  2. was beginning to feel a bit manky and low the last couple of days, but had a long bath and the sun is shining so i feel much better.
  3. the birds are using the bird feeder, i had begun to think the seagulls had worked out how to get in it, but i saw a little great tit feeding this morning. hurrah!
  4. porridge. how did i go so far through january without eating porridge until today? yum.
  5. the daffs look lovely and cheery!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

good things

i've been out loads this weekend, i'm so not used to it! not had nearly enough sleep so really should be in bed already. all good fun tho :)

i'm happy because i have a new digital camera on order that should come any day soon!
i'm less happy that i ran out of yarn for my blanket and the wool shop did not open today.

i did sit in the pub this afternoon drinking cider and crocheting *giggle*
i did not fill in the passport application again...

i'm thrilled by the yellow daffodils which have in fact partially opened now.

i think i'm going to get involved in this scheme do make homemade cards for marie curie cancer care shops to sell in 2008... http://www.create-a-card-for-cancer-care.org/

i really need to go to bed...

night night x

Friday, 18 January 2008


quick one today as i have an art card to make before leaving the house at 5.30...

have been working hard on the web stuff today so not too much creativity, however my growing efforts are doing well, a little egg with basil was given to me as a gift, and much to my joy has begun sprouting. (i usually kill things with kindness, so i am really trying not to drown them!) also the daffodils i bought a week ago are already looking ready to flower!

so even tho its still january i am feeling the joys of spring!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

ooh the loveliness!

Well despite being overloaded with work of the web dev variety, i seem to be spending an awful lot of time distracted by craftiness now that i've been drawn in to the online crafty world too...

today i went to the stationers (always a joy) and - having about 6 friends/family with birthdays soon - went to inspect the card making section. ooh the lovely things i bought! rustic style flower card toppers and loads of sticky ribbon, morre toppers, magazines, sticky pads, and *finally* a metal rule for cutting. well i just *had* to come home and make a whole load of cards didn't i?

Have also discovered the fun of daily art cards and have joined a group on flickr. See (and even join in) the fun here:


of course all this and working (and blogging it!) means staying up far too late for kittens, so i'm off to curl up in my basket for the night.


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

rounding up 2007

Well not 2007 really, but the latter part of it (ie what i just found on my camera phone.)

Around about september time i had a wonderfully industrious time of it. gathered all the apples from my sisters trees and made all sorts of things, including my first attempt at chutney. apple, onion and raisin chutney to be precise. and alot of ginger. when i was cooking it it ws overpowering, i thought it would be dreadful. three months later and we opened some at christmas, and as i had been assured the ginger calmed down in time and it was definitely a success!

In august i made a green kitten to go with my wee ninja. foolishly gave the kitten away to my neice, who didn't seem as impressed as i felt she ought to be!

October of course there is always a pumpkin... (and pumpkin soup!)

and.... because i failed to take any photos of my own christmas decorations (including red and green gingham bunting no less!) here is a pic of the extrvagant decorating tactics of my neighbour!

On that note i must sleep.



happy new blog to me!

I have had many crafty projects on the go recently, for christmas presents, and just for fun. I have just been hearing from my friend about the great online creative community so thought i would start by having a blog!

I can start with a little ninja i made last summer, which started me off loving making felt toys! i made a couple more since, will have to find more photos.

oh and i since discovered that i must've seen one of the characters from ninja town at some point, as i later discovered it, and they look exactly the same! http://ninjatown.com/