Thursday, 6 November 2008

autumn and halloween

phew long time no post ! there's been alot going on - the birth of a new nephew, halloween, and some fun potato printing for xmas wrap (which came out really well despite sounding like a kindergarten game). i have more halloween craft pics on the camera which i have to put on here sometime, but here's pob the pumpkin plushie. i was quite sad to have to put him in the cupboard after halloween was over.

nerdbunny and i had a great fun evening making xmas wrap using potato printing :

another labour of love was the baby blanket for the newcomer. i was really pleased with this and so was my sister. i also made the pink one for my neice to give to her baby doll.

i am sick at the moment, so missed going to see any fireworks last night. luckily there is another display nearby on saturday so i will hopefully get to go to that instead.