Wednesday, 16 January 2008

rounding up 2007

Well not 2007 really, but the latter part of it (ie what i just found on my camera phone.)

Around about september time i had a wonderfully industrious time of it. gathered all the apples from my sisters trees and made all sorts of things, including my first attempt at chutney. apple, onion and raisin chutney to be precise. and alot of ginger. when i was cooking it it ws overpowering, i thought it would be dreadful. three months later and we opened some at christmas, and as i had been assured the ginger calmed down in time and it was definitely a success!

In august i made a green kitten to go with my wee ninja. foolishly gave the kitten away to my neice, who didn't seem as impressed as i felt she ought to be!

October of course there is always a pumpkin... (and pumpkin soup!)

and.... because i failed to take any photos of my own christmas decorations (including red and green gingham bunting no less!) here is a pic of the extrvagant decorating tactics of my neighbour!

On that note i must sleep.



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