Thursday, 17 January 2008

ooh the loveliness!

Well despite being overloaded with work of the web dev variety, i seem to be spending an awful lot of time distracted by craftiness now that i've been drawn in to the online crafty world too...

today i went to the stationers (always a joy) and - having about 6 friends/family with birthdays soon - went to inspect the card making section. ooh the lovely things i bought! rustic style flower card toppers and loads of sticky ribbon, morre toppers, magazines, sticky pads, and *finally* a metal rule for cutting. well i just *had* to come home and make a whole load of cards didn't i?

Have also discovered the fun of daily art cards and have joined a group on flickr. See (and even join in) the fun here:

of course all this and working (and blogging it!) means staying up far too late for kittens, so i'm off to curl up in my basket for the night.


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