Wednesday, 27 August 2008

very quick update

this is a super quick update because no photos have been put on for ages i thought i'd quickly add some. i've been growing things, and cooking quite a bit recently, but not taking pictures. but here's some things i've been working on. some lovely cards to start off. amazing what a difference a gold pen can make :)

i have been doing a few mini cross stitch experiments, with good results ! not sure what i'll do with these yet, perhaps put them on book covers, or bookmarks for christmas gifts maybe. I'm going to keep the tractor for myself tho- i love it!
this is my threadcatcher - my solution to the threads that were collecting on the end of the sofa ! bit different from the normal straight ones, just made from card attacked with a hole punch, and you get a lovely colour wheel into the bargain. hurrah!


Priyanka said...

Really cool stuff!! What is a thread catcher??

hellskitten said...


i'm not sure if they are really called threadcatchers or if i made that up - i just often have a lot of loose pieces of thread left over when i've been embroidering, so i made that to keep them together neatly until next time i need them.