Friday, 15 August 2008

hemming curved edges

this is a Brilliant tutorial on hemming curved edges .

once again this reminds me that adding an extra stage in (the ironing) actually makes things much easier and saves time in the end. i'm lazy and always cut out whatever i consider unneccessary stages. but once again i am reminded that this rarely pays off when in comes to sewing.

now, i just need to find a tutorial to show me how to hem curves going outward (eg necklines)...

well a quick search did NOT come up with any genius solutions for curved necklines, but it did turn a quite brilliant tutorial for making a dress out of a pillowcase !

and i almost failed to write my biggest bit of crafty related news of all! i have finally just ordered myself a brand new (and therefore fully working!) singer sewing machine! it should arrive on monday... i'm so excited to finally be able to sew again without feeling the dread that comes from battling with a useless machine .

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Nerd Bunny said...

Great news about the sewing machine. The tutorial for the pillowcase dress could be just what I need for my next project... it looks great, thanks.