Thursday, 10 April 2008

i have a headache

the kind of splitting headache that affects your eyesight. and there's no real reason for it. i took painkillers with codeine and it had no effect. currently drinking loads of water and hoping for the best.

i also fell asleep on the train (as i do most mornings - gives me and extra 30min sleep most days :)) but this time when i woke up i really couldn't remember for a minute if i was going to work, or going home. think i am spent too much time on trains and not enough time sleeping recently. good job i am going on holiday next week.

i wish blogger linked up with live journal, i dream of a non segregated bloggiverse....

this morning i saw this:
and now i want to go live in the trees again. watching people swarm in and out of train stations is like watching ants. i want to live in one of those curved roof lodges pictured - somehow they remind me of olden times gypsy caravans, and i've always dreamed of owning one of those too :)

Also a totally pointless, but kind of amusing article on cloth shopping bag snobbery.
i know this to be true, my moorsbag and lovingly made patchwork bag from nerdbunny definitely have higher status against the shop ones. or is it just that they're prettier? the article makes me want a bookshop bag too. how silly. :D

My garden is famous! king_prawn posted a photo of my garden in the snow on an american website. strange but true.

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