Wednesday, 5 March 2008

so i've been feeling low again of late. mostly i think this is to do with being off st johns wort for a few days when i ran out, combined with the joys of PMT this week.

even if thats all it is, i still feel rubbish. i feel sad and angry, and philosophical in that irritating way depressed people have of knowing without a shadow of a doubt, that all human endeavour is ultimately pointless, and the only way to cope is to surrender and live like nothing matters. how depressing. lol. i am sure it will pass by next week.

when i feel down, one of the places i seek solace and little moments of light is in craft & stationery shops. sadly at the moment, these comfort zones keep letting me down! the other day, having stood waiting to pay for some buttons in a fabric shop for 10 minutes, the girl behind the counter - having already admitted she didn't know who was next - told me to go to the back of the queue that had formed behind me. naturally i walked out, leaving the one little bit of hapiness behind unpaid for. and today, i got two little things picked out in paperchase, when we were all herded out into the street on a fire alarm.

so shopping has let me down. its a sad state of affairs indeed.
  • i do have four panels for a new blanket tho.
  • and a great book which is keeping me absorbed on the train (my dirty little book of stolen time by liz jensen).
  • and carbs. someone bought Krispy Kreme donuts into the office today. good news indeed for a girl who forgot her breakfast.
  • i am taking monday and tuesday next week off. at least one of them i have
    to work from home, but at least it means no trains, and no london.
  • i have a massage booked for saturday afternoon. oh boy, do i owe myself that one.

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