Saturday, 9 February 2008

don't talk about it - do it!

Not much blogging for a while - too busy crafting! and buying!

Yesterday was the fantastic Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts Fair at the Brighton Centre. We spent a wonderful 5 hours wandering around, squealing at cute things, chatting to quilters and button makers and poring over gorgeous fabrics and yarn. And, of course, shopping. Here's my yield.

I have been trying to get hold of those homespun checks for SO long, i am surprised i didn't buy more. But i did promise to stick to a budget and succeeded. I also promised i wasnt going to buy anything to start a new type of craft i wasn't already involved in, but those embroidery threads at 12 for £1 were TOO good to miss! I also bought a huge bag of buttons which i really didn't need - but the mantra of the day was "it's not about what you NEED... its CUTE".

The favourites of the day were a mother / daughter co-op. One runs a button makers, the other a fabric import / craft outlet. both good prices and some exciting plans in store for bringing some currently unavailable fabrics to the UK. see here:


Well, i decided after that to come home and make a giant pincushion as i had had enough of having pins in loads of different places (especially under my bum when i forget to take them out of the sofa cushions!!). And then a matching special home for the new buttons...

As if that wasn't enough, i have been buying lotts of yarn too, in anticipation of my new crochet sampler blanket which will be started before long. these came mostly from

The little stripey bit you can see in the pic are the fingerless mittens which will be finished this week.

right, time for me to go and enjoy some sunshine.


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