Monday, 15 December 2008

no time :(

i am feeling envious at the moment of other people having much more time on their hands to do all the fun things christmas should be full of. all the crafting and wrapping and baking - i haven't had a chance to do any. the decorations got thrown up in between dashing about. the present shopping is finally finished but most of it is yet to be delivered and i am still trucking back and forth from london every day for work.

not how it is in the magazines - that's for sure!

i am now focussing on the fact that i finish work on friday - then have my yule do on sunday - but i can't even enjoy planning for that as i have another one to go to on saturday, so will have to tear around the supermarket on saturday and still make it to that on time.

basically the only day i have is monday 22nd on which the only thing booked is the making of mince pies, and presumable all the wrapping of presents. so i shall just have to look forward to that one.

well now i've had a moan i feel better.

i did have one very pleasing thing happen at the weekend. last year when i started putting bird feed in the garden i had alot of blue tits and coal tits would come by, but gradually they seemed to have been forced out by three pairs of sparrows who've made it their own. but on sunday morning there were three little blue tits eating the last of the rose hips. i was so pleased to see them! maybe they don't tend to stay around in the summer- i shall have to try and find out more about their habits, see if i can encourage them.

hopefully i'll be able to get some nice pics to post here of my xmas decorations and the wrapping and mince pies next week...

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